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What Can't Be Cured Must Be Endured

Every region has sayings, and the Appalachians Mountains are no different, but many of them make me chuckle.  

A few of my favorite:
  • Beauty never made the kettle sing.
  • Sit down and rest yourself, settin’s cheaper’n standin’
  • If that don’t make your wood burn nothing will
I grew up hearing my grandfather’s version of one of the above as he would say, “Never stand when you can sit and never sit when you can lie down.”  The saying dearest to me at the moment though is, “What can’t be cured, must be endured.”  As our summer days came crashing to an end the cold days came rushing in much sooner in the season than they normally do.  While my ancestors were from the Appalachians, I was raised in much warmer climates, and I am not sure I will ever adjust to liking the cold of the North Georgia Mountains, that I now call home. 

leaves.jpg 380.58 KBYet, I can endure.  While walking this morning I came to this beautiful dogwood tree with red leaves.  While it is well known for its beautiful flowers and graceful limbs in the spring, the dogwood offers beauty both in the fall and again in late winter.  In autumn it is vibrant, and its bright display is visible from far away but if you get up close a few months later as spring approaches, you’ll find that its subtle multi-colored buds are delicately beautiful.

dogwood.jpg 293.23 KB

So, by choosing to focus on nature's beauty I can endure what I cannot cure - winter.  And after all I have no one to blame but myself.  I chose to live here.  I do not regret it.  It is the perfect time for me to remember another mountain sayin’ - “Never get your horse in a place where you can’t turn around.”  I am in Suches, GA pretty tight so I think I’ll be stayin’ awhile.