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Where to Go for Coffee

Where do I go for coffee? Do I bring my own? What kind of coffee brewing device will the cabin have? These are popular questions for the people who like to plan and who love coffee. I fall into a similar but second category of traveler. I love coffee but I am not a planner. This means that when I wake up, I may need to locate a cup of joe. If you find yourself in the same situation while visiting the North Georgia Mountains, we are posting this for you! We are going to be chronicling the best places to get your brew on.

Abide Coffee

Abide Coffee is a great choice if you are in Blairsville or Hiawassee as they have two locations.

Blairsville, GA

214C Young Harris St. Blairsville, GA

 (706) 400-1308


Hiawassee, GA

195 N Main St. Hiawassee, GA

(762) 294-9186

In addition to traditionally drip brewed coffee they have espresso and cold coffee options.

Don’t forget to pick up a bag while you are there so you can brew your own when you get back to the cabin or even when you get home!