Serenitree House, stocked with hundreds of books, sits on a hill and is built from reclaimed lumber from the old Hoyt Farmhouse. The rough-hewn wood adds much character to the design.

✅Hike out front door into national forest
✅Relax on the front porch with a book and watch the sunset.
✅Be awakened by the sun shining through 34 year old stain glass over the bed.
✅Relax on porch to the sounds of nature.
✅Cook dinner in the outside cook shack
✅Nearby Toccoa River - fishing, kayaking, tubing
Sereni-Treehouse is nestled on the hilltop of a Hemlock Farm, where a small passel of animals and the main family reside in a log cabin. This private treehouse with a view of the creek and waterfall is a short walk to the bathroom, with running water and electricity. The rear of the property provides accesses to the national forest for hiking in a serene and rarely used portion of the mountains. 🌳🍃🌲

✨🌟✨About Glamping✨🌟✨

💫Glamping - Going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It's like regular camping , but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and more comfortable. Glamping isn't done by usual outdoor types who climb mountains.

✨✨Are You a Glamper?✨✨

🌲Treehouses are glamping experiences and as such here’s what you can expect:

Comfy beds, k cup coffee brewers, microwave, outdoor kitchen, heated mattress pads, radiator heaters, real furniture - dresser, beds, chairs and electricity.

🌲You should probably avoid treehouses if you…

1️⃣. Don’t enjoy temps outside the normal range for your home.
2️⃣. If you don’t like walking back to the woods to enjoy your treehouse. Although we do have a black metal wagon for you to use to take your bags to the treehouse when you arrive. Think of the walk up as a practice hike!
3️⃣. Don’t want to walk to the main cabin to use a flushing toilet and or take a shower.
4️⃣. If the idea that the treehouses are not completely sealed and you may occasionally see a critter trying to move in, although we do try and keep them out. So it won’t upset you.
5️⃣. If you don’t like to hear farm animals and the noises they make day or night.

🌳 If you enjoy the woods, nature, being away from city noise then you may just enjoy a stay in one of our treehouses.🌳

🌿🌳The treehouse also features an outdoor kitchen so you can cook your favorite camp style meals while still enjoying the seclusion of the forest. The kitchen is equipped with a stove burner, cutting board, knife set, utensils, wash basin, 7 gallon drum of water, dish soap, and a sponge. In addition to the kitchen, the firepit has a grate on it, allowing you to use charcoal or wood to grill.🌿

The treehouse is equipped with:

🌟 microwave
🌟 K-cup coffee pot
🌟 refrigerator

🥤 There is drinking water and a camp toilet for quick night runs.
The showering facilities and parking area are a short walk away and shared by all three treehouses. 🛁
⛔️ There is not running water in the treehouse.

No amplified sound equipment can be used outdoors between the hours of 10pm and 8am Sunday - Thursday and not between the hours of 11pm and 8 am Friday and Saturday.

Availability and Rates